Trey was in Europe all last week and we were managing just fine, and then Thursday night hit us and it was all down hill. I was super tired so I went to bed at 9pm (good thinking right, get as much rest as the kiddos). Murphy’s law was in full effect, midnight rolled around and I rolled into the bathroom and stayed there for 2.5hrs throwing up, I thought I was going to die. I made a little bed on the bathroom floor and there I stayed until 3:30am when I heard Zoe start to heave in her crib. So there we were having a nice little bath at 4am. I got Zoe back to sleep at 5am and then Mr. Thomas decided it was high time to wake up for the day at 5:30am…. super duper fantastic.

I hadn’t really slept since midnight so why start now. Caring for a sick babe while being dreadfully sick yourself is borderline torture. I told the Trey that this episode totally buys me a week sans kids!


I took a few snaps of Zoe and Thomas with their great-grama (Granny). Thomas was super into it (he LOVES his Granny) Zoe wanted nothing to do with being restrained, go figure.

Friday morning was spent on the sofa in front of iPads and then I decide to get the heck outta dodge and I packed up the kids and headed to my parents house. We made it halfway before we had to stop for food / rest for me and so we had a little Starbuck picnic in the front seat, it was actually the highlight of the day for T & Z. Thomas has since asked me twice if we can have a car picnic lol.

The weekend was uneventful but good. We were all a little tired and Zoe was teething (like getting 5 teeth at one time teething) so she was pretty much a disaster all of Saturday. We hung out with family, went to our cousins hockey game, helped a certain someone pass a smart serve course and wrapped up with a big family brunch on Sunday. Thomas had a sleep over with his cousin Carly and we mostly just bummed around the house enjoying/ annoying one another, isn’t that what it’s all about. Miniwheat-Wrap-Up_Mar9_Brunch

Sunday brunch was fun, there was 13 of us and quiet we were not. Zoe was finally in good spirits again and ate like a horse and Thomas cleaned his plate (per usual) and then had a ball blowing bubbles in his chocolate milk. The level of excitement and enjoyment that that brought him was quite remarkable. Oh to be so overjoyed by such simple things!

Here’s to a week of good health and much more sleep!


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