It’s Monday! According to Yahoo Weather it “feels like” -25C today, so naturally I’m cozied up on the sofa day dreaming of summer days and swimsuits. I am the worst at choosing a swimsuit and by worst I mean best because I just choose them all. I always have a good handful of swimsuits on deck as I love to mix it up. I have to admit that at the ripe old age of 14 months miss Zoe has quite the collection herself. Swim-Mini-me

one: two: three : four : five : six : seven : eight : nine

I’m still my size 8 but the post baby size 8 is not the same as the pre-baby size 8! So I’ve been learning to dress this new body of mine to optimize its potential, and honestly it doesn’t take much, just a few slight adjustments here and there. If you fall into the post baby category and you have nursed a baby or two, a structured top is your best friend. I’ve always been weirded out by the high-waist trend (or basically anything that covers up my belly button, it makes me feel claustrophobic) but I’m really digging these patterned suits (and I don’t even own a one-piece) but I might just give one of these a test drive this summer.

And if I was a surfer-girl or gearing up for an active beach day I would totally rock this. Like I said earlier, I never say no to a great suit so I’m pretty sure our wild little Zoe will also be adding this and this to her summer rotation. ice-cream

And it seems I haven’t been the only one longing for warm sunny days by the pool….. Thomas and Zoe have also been dreaming of summer because Thomas begged me to take them for ice cream on one of the coldest days of the year. Eating ice cream, in Canada, in February, while wearing a fur trimmed parka, that’s how we roll.

Come on summer.


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