This past week was a four day week and it flew by especially fast. We kicked it off by celebrating  Pancake Tuesday we do this every year, but the timing couldn’t have worked out better because I had absolutely zero groceries in the house. I whipped up some batter, did a quick fruit run with Thomas and Zoe and dinner was done. Pancakes for any meal goes a long way in our household, seriously, these two consumed them faster than I could produce them. I’m typically a pancake purist but decided to mix it up, making a few with blueberries and a few banana-chocolate chip.

If you’ve watched the news at all over the past week you know that you’re extremely lucky if you live somewhere that does not have winter. We have been in an extreme polar vortex for over a couple weeks and it’s been so so COLD. It’s especially hard on the kids, as the temps have been far too extreme to play outside so Thomas and Zoe have spent a significant amount of time indoors.

On Friday I headed down to the beach to check out the art installations. It was super sunny but that was just an evil evil trick by mother nature because there was no warmth coming off of it. I was bundled up from head to toe, this is literally all the skin that was exposed, it took a good hour for the tingling in my legs to wear off. Sunglasses : Parka

On Friday I went down to the beach to check out the art installations along the boardwalk, I lasted exactly 11 minutes which was  just enough time to snap a few photos before frost bite set. I’ll have to head back on a ‘warmer” day to see the art installations, -27C and wind off Lake Ontario just wasn’t conducive for some reason! It’s supposed to be warm this weekend (-6C) so I hope to take the kids down to check things out. Here is what the edges of Lake Ontario in Toronto look like right now…..  Lake-Ice--1 Lake-Ice-2 Lake-Ice-4 Lake-Ice-3

And how do you kick off another weekend in a polar vortex? With the excitement of -6C temps coming our way and lots of fresh cut flowers around the house to help remind us that spring will eventually be here! Tulips



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