For some reason unknown to us our kids have been waking up at 5am on the dot for the past month. Yes, I said 5am and yes, I said for the past month. ugh! This is especially sucky on weekends where 48hrs already feels like 96hrs, and those hours go by slowly.

Friday night Thomas took to wearing my toque and looked like quite the hipster. Zoe kept trying to put it on but couldn’t and of course when we helped her she ripped it of in half a second.


So we were up. And Zoe had already taken a nap by 9am, but thankfully we were able to spend some time outside and enjoy the fresh dumping of snow. The temps were mild on Saturday and even Zoe enjoyed our morning snow session. My mom stopped in for the day so we put the kids down for a nap and headed out to shop. We grabbed a few things at Target and then went to find toboggans. We may or may not have been sitting tandem on the sleds in the isles of the department store to “test them out”. Who’s mom would do this with them?


After naps we geared up again and headed to our neighbourhood WinterFest. It was a challenge to rally the troops but once we got there fun was had by all and tears were streaming as we made our way back home.


We had a bunch of successful toboggan runs, my mom bit it trying to walk down the hill, Zoe was obsessed with the slide that was extra fast due to the coating of wet snow on it and Thomas focused on getting as many free mini chocolates as humanly possible. We capped the night off with The Burgers Preist and everyone was sawing logs by 9pm.

SleddingSunday we hit up brunch with Grama and Papa before they headed off on vacation to the Dominican for two weeks. Lucky. It was super cold on Sunday so it called for comfy and cozy clothes, so I dressed Zoe up in some tights and leg-warmers. I love the way they make her body look so compact and her bum so big. She rocked them all day and I even threw on my own set to join in the coziness.


We spent the afternoon playing pretend with Thomas (basically he narrates what we’re supposed to be doing but he never actually lets us do it), watching the iPad and monitoring the couch…. Zoe is obsessed with climbing onto it and pretty much insists on trying to jump off it on her own. The more we warn her or grab her the more hilarious she thinks the whole thing is. She’s such a dare devil and loves to rough house.


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