Last week was a blur, but we made it.

Trey was out of town all week, so I was flying solo with the kids, this means sleepovers, brinners and lots of hanging out with no pants on. An of course lots of post bath selfies.

In addition to that, I was interviewing my a$$ off. The company I work for closed, although we have known since December the announcement went public on Jan 15 and it’s been a feeding frenzy every since. In a great way. So, I have been having coffees, lunches, meetings and interviews three times a day for the past two and a half weeks. This has been both equally awesome and exhausting at the same time.

Whenever Trey goes away on business I let Thomas choose a night to have a sleepover with me. Last week, I didn’t even have to mention it, Thomas just jumped up onto my bed on Monday and settled on in and sweetly said “I wanna do sleepover in mommy’s bed”. I guess he has the hang of it. Tuesday night, after putting Zoe to bed and reading some books, Thomas quietly started to slink down into a laying position, and said, “I’m so tired”. Well played Thomas, well played.

I broke up the week with some wine and sushi with a good friend. She hiked up to our house with sushi in hand and we actually had a conversation without kids! Good for the soul. We also used this random pancake bottle my mom gave us to make a good old fashioned “brinner”. The letter pancakes were a big hit.



Wednesday morning I was dressed for interviews in my new pineapple top and Thomas came up to me and we had this exchange:
T: “you look pretty mommy, where’s that shirt from?”
M: “Thanks bubsy, it’s from Anthropologie”
T: “Oooh can we go to her house, I love everything at Anthropologie.”
M: “I love you! I love everything there too”

When Trey’s away I get the kids ready and then put the gates up and head upstairs to get ready myself. I can hear Thomas and Zoe and I frequently call down to Thomas to ask what they’re doing. During this time I can usually hear Thomas reminding Zoe about “the rules” or being all big brotherly and helping her with her toys. I can also count on Thomas to immediately call up to me when somethings “not right”.

On Friday morning, Thomas started yelling “mommy mommy, Zoe’s touching the pictures.” I said okay and headed downstairs to wrangle them out the door. It’s always a whirlwind getting out the door. When I got back from dropping them off with the nanny, I started to pick up the living room, and just as I’m about done, I look up and see that indeed the pictures are knocked over, in addition to my plant. Interesting that neither of them mentioned the big plant laying on it’s side with soil all over the place. I actually think Thomas didn’t see Zoe do this, or maybe he thought it might just put me over the edge.


Friday night we celebrated the last day of Teehan+Lax and new beginnings. We opted for 80’s portraits as our farewell, I mean why not. And finally, we headed to my parents on Saturday, dropped off the kids and checked into a country inn for a relaxing adults only weekend. Can you say 9hrs of uninterrupted sleep, amen!

It’s already Tuesday and we are schlepping through the remnants of a snowstorm.

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