We kicked off the weekend with a wild Friday night of pizza making for all and wine for us. Thomas was all business and loved spreading eating the cheese and pepperoni. And as soon as he started making his pizza he started asking if it was ready. I mean he asked 100 bazillion times. GAH! Zoe bossed everyone around without using any words and ate the pizza like a boss.


It’s been so so cold here and that makes for some really long days weekends! Typically we go out and do something every morning, when the temps are above -5 C we go head outside to burn off some energy, even if it’s just for fifteen minutes. I HATE the cold so it takes me a whole lot of  pumping up to get me out the door.

We went to the park Saturday morning for about an hour. Our little Zoe dislikes the cold about as much a I do, but she actually blast at the park. She liked the swings but once she found the stairs and the slide, it was repeat repeat repeat. Thomas was everywhere as usual, once I could no longer feel my thighs I bribed the kids with cake-pops to get them to the coffee shop to warm up!


Lately, Zoe has been obsessed with Thomas’ potty. This weekend she insisted on pulling it out and sitting in it. She looked ridiculous but was oh so proud of herself. She even “did her biz” in her diaper while sitting in the potty. A potting training prodigy? ha!Zoe is also in a Daddy phase right now, which I only encourage because it means I have more free time. Ha! The norm as of late, I feed Zoe in her high chair, when she’s done she tries to climb out. Once she’s out, she’s immediately on Trey’s lap. This weekend I think it took him an hour to successfully eat each meal. He was thrilled!potty

Lastly, is our house the only house that looks like a damn hot mess all day every single weekend. I swear I pick up toys all.day.long. and still we have this. messyhouse

Trey is out of town all week and I am swamped with coffees, interviews and calls. Great timing I know. But, we only have four days left before the kiddos head to Grama’s and we head to a nice quiet weekend alone.



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