We had a great weekend, sometimes just staying home makes all the difference. We travel a lot, and it was really nice to just be in our own space this weekend. The kids can sometimes get stir crazy on the weekends but they were exceptional this weekend and we had a blast together.



For the win:

A successful family trip to run some errands and grab coffee, no meltdowns, yay!. It got us out of the house for a couple hours, got us caffeinated (and the wee ones apple-juiced) and we rode an escalator! Yes people, that was the highlight for Thomas.

Toddlers who mostly play together. It’s awesome to watch Thomas and Zoe interact and play together for brief periods of time. Listening to Thomas explain things to Zoe is beyond hysterical.

Yay for above freezing temps on Sunday, it felt almost warm considering how bitterly cold it has been these past few weeks. We walked along the boardwalk for a bit and I think this might have been the highlight of the entire weekend for both Thomas and Zoe. They were all smiles… until Miss. Zoe took off running and ended up face down in a mud pile. And home we went.




Zoe is a master communicator, or so she thinks. Even though she can only say mama, dada, papa and hi, she has become quite good at nodding yes and no and pointing to exactly what she wants. This new skill seems to have made her a much happier little girl. Dare I say she’s the boss of bossy?

We have officially entered the “I want to pick out my own clothes” phase. Until now I have been able to pick out Thomas’ outfits and he would happily wear them. Now, it’s all “I don’t wanna wear dat” and “I wanna pick my own clothes”.  My A-type personality is trying so so hard to roll with this, but man it’s hard to watch the mis-matched mess come together.

Thomas had his first visit to the dentist and he was a rockstar. No tears, no cavities and he walked away with a new toothbrush, floss and THREE toys. I think it’s safe to say he’ll require no convincing to go back !

Thomas has also reached the imaginary role playing phase and I love it. He will play forever  by himself with his cars or Duplo Lego.  It’s the best thing to watch, my favorite part is listening to him narrate what he’s doing. Hilarious..

Zoe has reached the “I want to do everything Thomas does” phase and it irritates him to no end. It mostly results in her smashing, pushing or generally destroying whatever he’s playing with and Thomas yelling “mommy mommy keep Zoe away from me”.

Happy Monday

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