We are officially one month away from Valentine’s day, and while this is one of my least favorite holidays to celebrate as an adult, I really love to celebrate with the kiddos. Since starting a family in 2012 I’ve been super into celebrating holidays and dressing the kids in festive pj’s and shirts, reading holiday themed books and indulging in holiday specific treats. On Valentines morning we will dig into one of these and be beyond happy to be eating breakfast.

So while we’re still a month out I’ve already made a couple purchases . Thomas loves to celebrate anything, he’s super into birthday parties and is obsessed with Christmas, and I love that he is always enthusiastic about my holidays indulgences. He loves to pick out his pj’s at night and will occasionally talk about them… For example he has skeleton pjs for Halloween and he always tells me “mommy dees are bones”. I went a little overboard for Christmas, the kids had 4 sets of pj’ss each (and a couple may or may not have matched).

I’m always browsing online to see what’s new, what’s trending and what’s on SALE. Here are a few festive items I’m currently digging for the littles ones.


striped pjs : heart sweater : heart jeans : heart tights : ruffle skirt : heart sneakers : black vday t : heart breaker pjs : long sleave t : jeans : grey cardigan : quilted hat: chevron sneakers : plant a kiss : love you forever

I love love the simple basics of Hello Apparel and if you haven’t already checked them out you should, like right now! In order to ensure pre-Valentine’s day arrival I ordered this t-shirt for both Thomas and Zoe, I cannot wait to see them rock it. I had to exercise serious restraint not to buy one for myself and I need those heart jean jeggings in my size stat! I like like tradition colors but I do like to throw in some  non-traditional colors if possible, it helps give the clothes longevity, the black is awesome! I’m certain I won’t be able to get a hat on Thomas’ head but one can dream right?

Every holiday I go to our local children store and spend far too long trying to find the best book for the occasion. I usually get nastolgic and any hope of buying only one book for each kid gets thrown right out the window. If you haven’t read Love You Forever by Robert Munsch, you should But be forewarned it’s meant to be sweet but it’s a super tear jerker.

And let’s be honest, I’ll end up waiting to the last minute to buy Thomas’ pj’s just so that I can him ones that are red or at least have a heart somewhere. And now through Monday almost everything above is up to 50% off.

Happy Friday folks and weekend, we love you!

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