Today marks one month since Zoe turned one, and also since we went on vacation to St.Thomas, V.I.

It certainly doesn’t feel like a month ago. We generally get to St. Thomas twice a year to visit Trey’s family (typically March/October) . This year, we stretched things a little so that we could be on island for Trey’s sister Anna’s wedding on Dec 20. The long travel days are always worth it once we get to this…..


Pink jumpsuit (Gap from the summertime) : Baseball T :

I have to say we have been blessed with two little people who are very great travelers, but even so, a 12 hr travel day feels like an eternity. We have a system, we rarely check bags, we keep both kids in the stroller, we all have Nexus cards so as to bypass long security and customs lines and we pack an arsenal of food, iPads and drugs, yep I said it, DRUGS  (the legal kind like Tylenol and Gravol).

I’ve never been anywhere tropical during the month of December so that part was a bit strange. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around Christmas trees and lights in 80 degree weather, although it did look spectacular at night. Papa Mo took Thomas on a night tour of the islands so he could see all of the light displays and to say he was impressed is an understatement. We were so happy to be able to spend part of the holidays with Trey’s family (first time ever) and even more thrilled to witness and celebrate his sister’s wedding.

I saw Anna walk down the aisle and a stunning bride she was, but sadly I didn’t see much else of the ceremony. Our even keeled, easy going Thomas was all out of sorts, it’s still beyond me what the heck was going on with him. But hey, we all have “those” days right? . Zoe on the other hand clapped and cheered as each bridesmaid entered. Thank the Lord that Thomas snapped out of it and spent the evening running around with his cousins, unfortunately, the only family picture we were able to snap was when he was not in a “cooperative” mood. At least we have a picture…? I cannot express how much I loved Zoe’s dress, she rocked it and she received many a compliment.


Zoe’s dress : My dress (bought in the summertime) : Thomas’ pants (similar) : Thomas’ shoes : Zoe’s shoes :

As usual, we hit up Coral World with Papa Mo and all of the grandkids. It’s s very small aquarium located on the ocean’s edge. We love it because it’s never packed, the kids can see and touch everything and there’s a sea lion show each day (definitely the highlight). I managed to get this photo of all the grandkids (thus far). I literally have 9 photos that look like this and honestly this was the best option. You’d think they could all look at the camera for 5 seconds? Clearly not, but cute nonetheless.

I like to say that going on vacation with toddlers isn’t really a vacation at all. It’s real life in a tropical location and 3 times the amount of work. That might sound negative, but I like to keep it real, we still had a great time, it’s just not relaxing per se. Thomas had a fever for two days, Zoe got a touch of it too, their moods were ok – Zoe’s sleeping was not. Thomas took epic 3hr naps everyday while Zoe refused to nap unless we drove her around the island…. so we did, because a tired Zoe is a Zoe nobody wants to be around. The upside, we got to spend some quality time together chatting while driving around and I got to see parts of the island I’ve never seen before. Silver lining?

We capped off the week with a day-after-the-wedding beach party. It was spectacular and the best day by far of the whole trip. Both kids were in fantastic moods and they played, ate, dance and napped all day, seriously 11-5, it was splendid. I am now obsessed with Calypso Christmas music and just Caribbean music in general. Must play more music at home. More music, less TV.

I cannot express how great of a time Thomas and Zoe had at the beach party. Zoe went from person to person and danced all day, Thomas was pumped to repeatedly make sand castles and then knock them over. I can’t wait for more days like this.

And although it was a fabulous day, it was still real life folks……..



And I wouldn’t change it for the world.


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