Our weekend was good, although relatively uneventful. Trey was in Vegas all week attending the CES show, so I opted to head to my parents house for the weekend. We spent most of Saturday puttering around my parents house doing our best to keep warm. This past week was a bitterly cold one so we spent most of our time indoors.

We celebrated my nieces 13th birthday, the kids played with their cousins and we generally just soaked up some family time. My Grama brought homemade soup for lunch on Sunday and then we packed up and headed home mid-day to spend the afternoon with Daddy. We definitely missed while he was gone, and dare I say that I think he missed us too?

It’s been five years since I moved to Toronto and equally as many years since I’ve vowed to buy a parka that will actually keep me warm and make me not hate being outside. This year is the year folks, last week sealed the deal for me. So I’ve been doing a lot of research and I have decided on the one, and ooohhh it’s amazing, the pictures just don’t do it justice.


Actual Parka : Magnets : Boots : Dream Parka

A few things I’m loving right now: My throwback Cougar Pillow boots, my Mom had a pair of these back int he 80’s, I wish she had kept them. They are easy to get on, super warm and I can wear them with just about anything. I cam across Socialps on Instagram before the holidays and I fell in love with it. I ordered Instagram magnets for my parents and I just placed another order to give to my Grama for her birthday. I love seeing a snippet of our Instagram photos randomly on my parents fridge and the magnets are actually super strong which is hard to find. Thomas and Zoe love pointing to them and talking about each picture. I know I’l be placing an order for our house soon too.

The fact that Zoe can walk. It is truly amazing how much happier this has made her. She’s independent and on the move and very happy to haves some freedom. It has also spurred some more communication on her part which has also made life easier. She will walk over to what she wants, point at it and make loud sounds until we get the message.

I’m still on a hunt for winter mittens/ gloves that will actually keep my hands warm, a dishwasher that will unload itself and a kitchen that will secretly prepare meals while I’m gone. Too much?

Sunday evening was low keep, play-off football and a little Golden Globe action. And now onto Monday and the week ahead.




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