Tis the season for Holiday parties and I must admit we have a full calendar. We kicked of the season with a mid week Kids Christmas party hosted by Trey’s company. I’ll be honest, when I read the invite and saw the party would be at Ripley’s Aquarium I did a happy dance, I immediately stopped said happy dance upon reading that the party was from 4:30-7:30 on a Tuesday. Ugh!! A holiday party during witching hour, how fun.

I am very happy to announce that despite a late dinner, lots of walking and a very disorganized Santa visit the party was an absolute success. Trey’s company definitely hit a home run. Thomas and I have been to the Aquarium a few times but it’s so well done that we simply never tire of it. This time around we pretty much had the fish to ourselves and we were able to roam around at our own pace, Zoe even crawled through a bunch of it and she thought it was pretty cool to walk along the tank walls too. I tell ya she’s gonna be running in no time.

If you’re in the area you Ripley’s is definitely worth a visit, and kids under three are free! Thomas is so obsessed with anything animal related that we hit up Aquariums and petting zoos wherever we go. It’s always a win!

Thomas literally sat on Santa’s lap for a good 10 minutes chatting him up, quizzing him on where his reindeer were, where he lives, how he got here etc. It was pretty funny. Zoe on the hand…. well I think the picture says it all. Fish are okay, Santa, not so much!

Bring on the parties!



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