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This past weekend we were blessed with very mild temps for the end of November (which we took full advantage of), however, we were equally blessed (cursed?) with hacky coughs and running noses and a whole lot of whining. Amongst the whining and the nose wiping we managed to get a lot done.

At the request of our 2.5 yr old we put up our Christmas tree. The outcome was beautiful, the process was painful. It started like this:

Christmas Holidays_2014-2918

Thomas put exactly three ornaments on the tree and then proceeded to take out every-single-toy we own and scatter them oh so strategically underfoot. Zoe repeatedly tried to eat the low hanging ornaments and while we finished up the tree Thomas and Zoe played put– Safe? Totally

I’m a chef by no means but as we all know dinners get boring, so I gave this brussel sprout recipe a whirl and it was outstanding. The Anthropologie blog has some great recipes, I am eager to try out some of their festive drinks this holiday season. We were low on groceries and all four of us were hungry so at 3pm we threw some of my Grama’s fried chicken in the oven and then it donned on me…. waffles!! Yep, we went there. We pulled together our own chicken ‘n’ waffle party and it was just what we needed. Delicious.


Thomas had a birthday party on Saturday, it was was a splatter party and he LOVED it. Picture toddlers in a room throwing paint at canvases and that’s exactly what it was. Thomas was beyond happy! After the splatter, we made a quick switcheroo and dropped Thomas off with our nanny and headed out to the hubby’s holiday party. The day was LONG but we got to the party and the drinks were flowing and that my friends cures all.

Sunday we did a family grocery run and even slipped into Target, Thomas and Zoe were great, they are hilarious sitting in the carts together. I think Zoe feels like a “big girl” sitting up with her bro! The temps reached the high 50’s so we spent an hour or so at the part, hung some lights outside, and toured the neighborhood looking at all the Christmas lights. We wrapped up with two little letters to Santa.









Christmas Holidays_2014-2929




















I  love Thomas and Zoe dearly, but sometimes the fact that they can’t tell time is truly a gift from the heavens….and 6:30 bedtime it was.


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