Happy Black Friday y’all.

Instead of rushing out to join the crowds I put together a quick sneak peak of Miss Zoe’s birthday preparations. If you’re too stuffed from Thanksgiving to leave the sofa today, grab a coffee and cozy up and see what’ we have planned.

If I’m being honest having a child with a birthday in December is very low on the awesome scale. Be have no one to blame but ourselves, should’ve planned that one better! I loooovee the Christmas season and I love to devote the entire month of December to festive activities, but alas, Miss Zoe is turing ONE in a couple weeks and so party planning is in full swing. I’m going to do my best to always celebrate Zoebug’s birthday separate from Christmas and so it starts….

We organically fell into calling Zoe, Zoebug at times and so, a pretty purple and gold sparkle “Zoebug” theme it is. Zoe is much more aggresive than her older brother and really digs into things so I cannot wait to see her dive into her smash cake. Mr. T literally put one finger in his cake and then promptly cried because his finger was dirty. Yep, he hates being dirty.

But back to Miss Zoe, and a teeny tiny bit of what’s going down.

shirt : garland : one balloon : bunting : glitter hat : paper straws : invitation

A huge thank you goes out to Pinterest, the place I go to let my dreams run wild and then quickly organize into them boards. Another big thank you to The Village Press  for designing Zoebugs invitation, I simply adore it. I’ve teamed up with the Village Press a few times and I always love the outcome.

T-7 days until I have to pull this all together. ack!



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