Whittamores Pumpkin Patch_Sept27_14-57

Ironically I don’t love Halloween but I do love pumpkin patches and all the fall activities that accompany the season. We loaded the kiddos up bright and early on a Saturday and headed to our local pumpkin patch and we could not have asked for a better day. It was hot. We were in long clothes but we were a sweatin’. As expected fun was had by all. Thomas is obsessed with animals so as soon as he laid eyes on the petting Zoo he was gone. Zoe had a great time too, she loved being outside and she is a people watcher just like her mama so she was basically in heaven. Zoe’s on the move, she’s a crawling machine and loves to stand, so she was pretty happy to “roam amongst the pumpkins.

Whittamores Pumpkin Patch_Sept27_14-105 Whittamores Pumpkin Patch_Sept27_14-90

It was so fun to see Thomas and Zoe playing and interacting together. They played on a few things together and Zoe is over the moon when Thomas pays her any sort of attention. Thomas tried his hand at the oversized trampoline bubbles. Great idea and a ton of fun, though I think he was a bit intimidated / concerned about sliding to the bottom.

Whittamores Pumpkin Patch_Sept27_14-51

Whittamores Pumpkin Patch_Sept27_14-57 Whittamores Pumpkin Patch_Sept27_14-37

I was able to convince T &  Z to sit together for all of 4 minutes to snap a few fall photos of them… not bad for rapid firing. And I even managed to get in one or two….

Whittamores Pumpkin Patch_Sept27_14-169

And of course Thomas picked out the largest pumpkin he could find, and a pricey pumpkin it was. Next year I think we’ll implement the “you can get what you can carry” rule.

Happy fall friends.


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