We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving at my Grama’s house this year. We always rotate houses and this year we “hosted” turkey day with my Grama. Our crew was considerably slimmer this year, we were missing a total of 13 people, it makes a big difference. Although we missed some folks we still had a great time and indulged in way too much food.

I decided a little festive decor was in order so I put my thrifty brain to work and come up with a rustic and understated look . I was able to get  burlap coffee bean sacks from my local coffee shop for free (score!), I scoured my mom and grama’s cupboards and found a handful of mason jars that were perfect for housing the melange of wildflowers we picked from the side of the road by my grandmothers house. The pie pumpkins were a whopping $2 each. So for less than $12 I was able to create a festive tablescape for our Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving & Trey's Bday_Oct-14-35

Thanksgiving & Trey's Bday_Oct-14-21 Thanksgiving & Trey's Bday_Oct-14-45

In addition the minimal decor, I was able to piece together three different dining table that my Grama has in her basement and cover them with her lace table cloths that are a million years old, yet oh so charming. And I was also able to scrounge up enough wooden chairs in all different styles as well. Typically we use metal folding chairs, but this looked and felt so much nicer!

It was Zoe’s first Thanksgiving and I think she was overly thankful as she was the last one at the table, that girl can eat! Some staples around our table are my Grama’s homemade cabbage rolls and rice pudding, my aunt Linda’s creamed spinich and my aunt Cheryl’s cheesecake. The turkey was great but amongst all the prep we somehow forgot the gravy…… not sure we’ll hear the end of that one.

Thanksgiving & Trey's Bday_Oct-14-77

The day after Thanksgiving was cold, but we needed some outdoor playtime so we spent an hour at the park. The leaves were amazing and we had the park to ourselves so I whipped out my camera and I was able to get a few great shots, T and Z even let me sneak in a mini sibling session.

Vivian_Family_Oct-14-1701 Vivian_Family_Oct-14-1722


Vivian_Family_Oct-14-1740 Vivian_Family_Oct-14-1723

Until next year folks. Onward to Christmas!!



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