The powers of the universe played an evil trick on us when they blessed us with Thomas, the kid that sleeps and sleeps and sleeps. It’s an evil trick because the kid slept for 12 straight hours every night from 7 weeks onward (no sleep regression over here folks praise Jesus), but baby #2 well that was a bit of a shit show to start. Our little Zoe, the sleep deprivation that she caused us for five and a half months is the kind of torture I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

I kept waiting of Zoe to turn the corner, give her the benefit of the doubt…. she never did. I tried techniques I used with Thomas to get him to nap longer, and she outright rejected that shit. This child would be full on snore drooling down the back of my shoulder and no sooner would her big bum touch the crib/bed/sofa and POP her eyes would be staring back at me with the “what the F@%$ do you think you’re doing mom look. This is what sleep looked like…..

IMG_1679 IMG_1683 IMG_1579

I tell ya having kids will make you do crazy shit. On a nightly basis I would channel my inner ninja skills and try every stealth method of getting Zoe to sleep. I was not above semi-wall scaling, ducking when her head would pop up and full on military crawling my way out of her room. And still we were up 1-4 times a night for five months.

My low point / ah-ha moment, was when an entire weekend passed and my husband and I hadn’t spoken. Doula hired.

I’m no preacher, and there is a different way for everyone but I hired a sleep doula on advice from a good friend and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I was SO skeptical, I thought “what could someone else tell me to do that I couldn’t read myself” …… but I was SO tired I couldn’t read or retain, I was a walking zombie. I didn’t know how far gone I was until we sleep trained Zoe. We all slept through the night within 48hrs… WHAT?

This is how we got sleep in our house, what worked for you. Judgey-bears need not comment.

Read my testimonial for Petite Sleep here. On a side note, we never even met Lauren in person during our sleep training, it was all done through FaceTime and text, so you can get your sleep from anywhere.

Now go get some rest!



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