It feels like we’ve been together a million years (in a good way) but in reality we’re only coming up on a year as a family of four. Whether or not we’ll remain the fab four is still up for debate, but for now things are pretty fantastic….. except when they’re not. I’m certain that parents of toddlers across the globe share this sentiment. Am I right, or am I right?

My pre-kid self would tell you “I don’t really want to have kids, they’re too much work and they tie you down”, my post-kid self will tell you “ kids are a ton of work, but well worth it and I can’t imagine my life without my kids”. My husband and I love to travel, enjoy date nights and sporting events, and really appreciate our time together. I love fashion, interior design, playing sports, hanging out with my family and hosting get-togethers. We’ve made a very conscious effort to continue to do the things we love since our two kiddos have joined us, it’s hard and sometimes infrequent, but we do it. And it’s good for the soul.

If you choose to follow along with us (and we sure hope you do) you’ll get a glimpse into how we function as a family of four, how we manage to do the things we love, and what we do to keep our busy toddlers busy. Hopefully you’ll feel supported, maybe even feel inspired, but most importantly, I hope you feel like you can do this family thing because it’s pretty great. You’ll even get my two cents on fashion and seasonal must haves, and on just about anything that flutters through this over active mind of mine.

It isn’t always pretty, but this is Us.


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